Financing Request Package Development

FRP Development to Secure Debt, NMTCs, 
& Other Subsidies

Developing a comprehensive Financing Request Package (FRP) is an important first step in securing financing and/or project subsidies. The FRP provides everything a lender or donor needs in order to make a decision, highlights the project’s positive community impacts including economic, social and environmental, and demonstrates the project’s propensity for spurring additional investment to help revitalized distressed communities. Once debt is secured the FRP is updated and targeted to CDEs with NMTC allocation and other subsidy providers.

Financing Request Package Development Services

It is common for an individual or an organization to have an idea, but they do not know where to go to find the financing. At CBO Financial we have significant experience in successfully finding financing for projects that benefit low-income areas.

Through years of experience in successful project completion, we understand the dynamics of the project financing process and can help you find the financing that makes sense for your specific needs. Contact us today for more information.

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