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New Markets Tax Credits

The primary focus of CBO Financial is helping low-income communities to experience economic revitalization through the application of the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program. NMTC investors make investments in companies known as Community Development Entities (CDEs) that in turn make loans to businesses in low-income communities.


Provide capital where previously unavailable to qualified borrowers.


NMTC essentially guarantees return of investment plus a return on the investment.

To States, Municipalities, and/or EDAs

Opportunity to combine public funding with tax credits to induce development.

Bringing Private Capital to Disinvested Communities

One of the persistent economic challenges that communities living with low incomes across the nation face is the lack of access to private investment capital for local business and real estate projects, especially in communities of color.

New Markets Tax Credit Program Advantages

  • Intended for financing projects in disinvested areas
  • Flexible financing optiones designed to support a spectrum of beneficial social projects
  • Promotes private investments; enabling multi-million-dollar financing deals
  • Affordable loans with conditions and terms that tend to be more favorable than traditional financing.
  • Offers investors federal tax credits
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- New Markets Tax Credits -
Financing for projects located in low income communities

New Markets Tax Credits Services

CDE Certification
In order to apply for a direct allocation of NMTCs you must first form an entity that has a primary mission of serving low income communities.
NMTC Placement
CBO Financial can provide an access point to the NMTC industry to secure flexible, forgivable financing for up to 25% of project cost.
NMTC Consulting
If you are interested in participating in the NMTC program, then we can offer consultations to ensure that your organization is prepared.
NMTC Allocation Application
CBO Financial can source a map of all viable NMTC areas or we can identify project locations based upon specific geographic inputs.
The New Markets Tax Credits program offers an excellet opportunity for both investors and borrowers. We can help facilitate financing for a broad range of community projects. Learn more about the NMTC program and contact us today for a free project analysis or with any questions you might have.
New Markets Tax Credits

Other Financing Services

CBO Financial provides a range of services to help plan and finance projects located in low income communities, including below-market loans and subsidies.

Project Planning And Financial Modeling

Start a project right by identifying anticipated predevelopment expenses, project budget, sources/uses of funds, cash flow forecasts and debt service coverage.
Project Planning And Financial Modeling

Financing Request Package Development

Developing a comprehensive Financing Request Package (FRP) is an important first step in securing financing and/or project subsidies for community development.
Financing Request Package Development

US Department of Agriculture Programs (USDA)

The USDA offers various economic development projects; two of which are beneficial to community development projects are the Community Facilities and Rural Utilities Programs.
US Department of Agriculture Programs (USDA)


CBO Financial can assist and take a leadership role in developing both Part I and Part II federal and state Historic Tax Credit applications.


Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program is intended for regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement in Pennsylvania.

Puerto Rico Financing Programs Assistance

Puerto Rico financing programs offers many community development opportunities for mainland investors and local business owners.
Puerto Rico Financing Programs Assistance

Additional Services

CBO Financial provides a range of services to help plan and finance projects located in low income communities, including below-market loans and subsidies.
Grant Writing
Education & Training
Financing Readiness Assessment

Grant Writing

We can consult and oversee the application process for a financial grant provided by an institution such as a government department, corporation, foundation, or trust. Our grant writing process includes:

  • Defining the intended audience
  • Clarifying the grant proposal's purpose
  • Researching relevant grant topics
  • Writing and formatting the grant
  • Revising, editing, and proofreading the grant
  • Grant submission

Education & Training

We can help your organization with educational events or training that is relevant to the scope of our services. Please contact us for more information.

Financing Readiness Assessment

We can help your organization with financial readiness that is relevant to the scope of our services. Relevant topics could include:

  • Eligibility confirmation
  • Team formation
  • Project identification
  • Effective strategies

Please contact us for more information.

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Established in 1999, CBO Financial is a financial consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses secure funding for development projects in the nation’s most distressed communities. Our experts understand how to present economic, environmental, and societal benefits to public and private organizations so your project receives the funding it needs to move forward quickly and reasonably. A CBO Financial subsidiary, Community Development Funding, LLC, has received six awards under the federal New Markets Tax Credit program totaling $150M. In addition the team has taken a leadership role in securing 18 awards for clients totaling over $400M.
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CBO can be your access point for a variety of flexible financing sources including gap financing using New Markets Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Tourism Tax Credits, Property Assessed Financing, Opportunity Zone Funds and others.

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CBO is on a mission to help elevate the lives of people living in distressed communities by providing flexible, below-market gap financing to high-impact projects that cannot otherwise move forward. Does your project qualify for financing?

Million-dollar stories

The CBO team has funded over $1 billion in projects for local and national nonprofits, for-profit developers, and municipal agencies. Our team can help you find the low-cost financing or new market tax credits needed for your projects.

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