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We help organizations develop and finance projects that revitalize communities and benefit populations in need.

Company Overview

We help organizations plan and finance projects that revitalize communities and benefit local residents. Founded in 1999, CBO Financial initially focused on helping nonprofit social service organizations finance and construct facilities. Since then, the practice has expanded to include for-profit developers of projects that positively impact distressed communities and the people who call them home.
Perfecting Financing Strategies

The Early Beginnings

Formerly known as Campus Development Associates, we originally focused on financing educational facilities. Due to difficulty securing capital for nonprofit schools, we pioneered the use of tax-exempt bond financing for facility projects. At the time, utilizing tax-exempt financing for small to midsized projects ($4 to $10 million) sponsored by local nonprofits was virtually uncharted territory.

Our founders assembled a team and a network of investors to fund facility projects for numerous agencies — often at 100% of project cost — via the privately placed tax-exempt bond market. As we perfected our financing strategies, we expanded expertise in a range of options to close financing gaps.
Utilizing a powerful financing tool

A Variety Of Sources To Secure Gap Financing

Since 2003, we have utilized the federal New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program as a powerful financing tool. As a testament to our team’s effectiveness, the US Treasury Department has made six NMTC awards totaling $150 million to our subsidiary Community Development Funding, LLC. Additionally, we have led the process for clients resulting in eighteen NMTC awards totaling over $1 billion.
From decline to prosperity

Projects We Support

We provide financing and technical assistance to sponsors of projects that promise to have significant positive impact by helping to attract new businesses, visitors and residents to distressed communities, while creating training and job opportunities for local residents. Bottom line: we seek to finance projects that tip the scales from decline to prosperity.
Turning plans into reality

Where We Stand Today

It’s our goal to provide access to below market capital for high-impact projects that create entry-level career opportunities and sorely needed services and products to distressed communities. As proven experts in economic development finance, we’re uniquely qualified to help make your plan a reality.
Experts in Project Financing

Meet the CBO Team

Our experts have substantial expertise in tax credit and have worked with leading lenders and investors nationwide.

Craig Stanley

CEO and Founder

Jamie Badgley

Executive Vice President and Governing Board Member

Tish Gressang

Executive Administrator / Loan Servicing

Marquitta Siplin

Financial Analyst

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