Project Finance Consulting

What we do is very complex. We specialize in helping mission driven developers and businesses secure flexible, below-market financing to construct projects in low income communities. We help make these vital projects get off the drawing board and into the neighborhoods they aid with a combination of flexible financing strategies and project-related technical assistance. New Markets Tax Credits, loan guarantees, credit enhancement programs and grant programs are just some of the tools we use. Our financial experts are skilled at combining public and private funding sources so that projects, which might have otherwise remained stalled, can move forward.

CBO has worked with government agencies, nonprofits, and developers to build or renovate facilities including charter schools, child care/early education centers, vocational training facilities, drug rehab centers, mixed use facilities and community centers – all of which contribute to the revitalization of entire communities. CBO believes in every project we undertake and works hard to make each one a reality. Working together, we can define a strategy for success.

CBO begins by performing a thorough analysis of possible government subsidies, grants, loans, eligibility for tax-exempt bonds etc., we then strategize with you to define the most cost effective financing structure. CBO then takes a leadership role in developing a comprehensive project plan and financing request package to meet your funding goals. CBO advocates for you on your behalf to obtain funding, transforming your concept into brick and mortar.

CBO Financial specializes in stretching project dollars so that developers can accomplish more for less. We’ve financed over $850 million in high impact investments nationwide. Backed by powerful funding tools, you’ll be pushed through to the finish line.

NMTC Consulting

 New Markets Tax Credits

The New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) program is a $60 billion federal program designed to incentivize private investment in low-income communities. NMTCs are provided to financial institutions in exchange for equity investments that eligible businesses can use to subsidize project development costs.

Here’s the bottom line: Attracting NMTCs to a project can equate to roughly 20% of a project’s cost in flexible debt or equity-like financing, including very low-interest loans that may be forgiven at the end of seven years. As seasoned veterans we serve as an access point to the NMTC industry for socially responsible organizations, municipal economic development agencies and for-profit developers.

For more information on NMTCs including qualifying criteria and the application process, please review our NMTC overview.

Our services ease your way through the NMTC process from start to finish:

NMTC Placement Agent

Our subsidiary, Community Development Funding, LLC (CDF), has received $150 million in NMTCs in six awards, including in the first two rounds – we’ve literally been involved since the beginning in 2003 – and we offer these credits to selected projects when they are available. If we don’t have NMTCs available, we can act as an access point to the industry by locating other sources of tax credits for you. We prepare comprehensive financing request packages, help negotiate terms and take a leadership role in closing the financing. Our detailed placement services for qualified borrowers have secured NMTCs which support more than $250 million in development projects.

CDE Consulting Services

Community Development Entities (CDE) serve as financing intermediaries for the NMTC program. Not only can we assist clients in applying for and receiving certification of a CDE, our knowledgeable on-staff technical writers are experts at crafting compelling NMTC applications. In addition, once you have an award, CBO can provide training and guidance regarding management, deployment and compliance with the program.

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